Quoting and invoicing

Picture the scene: it's Friday evening, 7 o'clock. You're at your desk about to chase unpaid invoices, send out quotes, see who's accepted a quote you've sent out, work out what work you've done which you can invoice for.

Your heart sinks. It's your Friday night and you want to relax with your family or just put your feet up and watch telly. But you know you have to do this work, or else you won't get paid.

So you waste another evening.

But there is another way. What if you could automate those admin tasks so chasing up a quote happens automatically? If creating the invoice is a click of a button, and sending it just one more click? Imagine chasing the payment while you're doing something else. And at any time you want you can see what your future work pipeline looks like, what work in progress you have on and who owes you money.

All that is possible with Invoicer. You can even see the full history for each customer (have a look at the CRM page for details).

What if you have awkward customers who won't pay or make demands that weren't agreed up-front? Another gigantic time-eater is the bad customer. You'll wish you'd followed your gut reaction and walked away when they tried to knock you down on price - you knew they'd be trouble. If only you had a signed contract where they'd agreed to all your terms and conditions...

...guess what? Invoicer will do that for you. Set your Ts and Cs up once, and they'll be sent out with every quote. The customer will be agreeing to those terms when they accept the quote. More time saved. Another evening spent with the kids or with friends and family.

We will help you set up and use Invoicer to reclaim your spare time so you can concentrate on the real job and not the admin.

Picture the scene: it's Friday evening, 7 o'clock. You're watching a film with the kids, or you're out for a drink with friends (one day, we will be able to actually go out again). It's your Friday night.

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